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Escape from the DarknessEscape from the Darkness

Мод о побеге из Чёрной Мезы учёного по имени Алекс Джонс....

Iron Grip : The OppressionIron Grip : The Oppression

One team consists of one human player, playing a full RTS style game, building and commanding AI troops while the opposi...


Die Modelle der Waffen für die Modifikation The Specialist 3.0

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Der Moderator der Abteilung : 
    Sin Hunter
    The SpecialistsSin Hunter
    Duke Nukem Forever Pistol
    The SpecialistsDuke Nukem Forever Pistol
    1911 Golden
    The Specialists1911 Golden
    Default Deagle
    The SpecialistsDefault Deagle

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