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First Person Shooter

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Half Life 2: Deep Down

First Person Shooter

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Version : 1.3
Autor / (en) : Jim_Partridge
Released : 25.05.2013

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Firmly sticking to the Half Life 2 formula, Deep Down is a new entry in the story of Alyx and Gordon as they continue the hunt for Combine Advisors in the area surrounding White Forest.

Combine Forces, Zombies and Antlions lay between them and the brooding menace deep below the earth that will test both their skills further than ever before.

If you miss the Half Life 2 formula and are tired of waiting patiently for Episode 3 then this mod is for you. Featuring new gameplay elements, fiendish puzzles and blistering action, Deep Down will provide your Half Life 2 fix (well some of it at least).

Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod

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Half Life 2: Deep Down Half Life 2: Deep Down Half Life 2: Deep Down Half Life 2: Deep Down Half Life 2: Deep Down Half Life 2: Deep Down
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