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First Person Shooter

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The Citizen Returns

First Person Shooter

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Autor / (en) : Accidental Games
Released : 24.06.2014
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Set in both the heart and outside of City 17, "The Citizen Returns" contains the final chapters of our citizen’s story, as well as an updated version of Part II. The story takes place shortly after a failed assassination attempt on Dr. Breen leads to the first ever use of the Overwatch Broadcast system by The Resistance, represented by former garage owner Larry Soderstrom. The Combine forces decide to capture him and try to use his public repentance and execution as a means to appease the emergent rebellion. The Citizens of City 17 however have other ideas in mind. Larry is now a symbol for the rebellion and a key asset in a bigger plot to deal a fatal blow to the Combine and its grip on humankind…

Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod

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The Citizen Returns The Citizen Returns The Citizen Returns The Citizen Returns The Citizen Returns The Citizen Returns The Citizen Returns The Citizen Returns The Citizen Returns
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