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Welcome to your DOOM... AARON A. AARONSON!

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The Fourth Annual Scream Fortress Event Begins Tomorrow!

Welcome to your DOOM... AARON A. AARONSON!

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Sure, Soldier's angered a magician before. He's even angered this magician before, on Halloween. But one thing even Soldier's never been brave/dumb enough to do is anger a magician on Halloween, in a haunted castle, at precisely midnight, while that magician is a ghost. Too terrifying to even contemplate? Well, put on your thinking caps and prepare to poop in your precious pumpkin pants, because that's exactly what just happened! Enter a haunted King of the Hill map to battle a bomb-spewing, fate-spinning spectral magician! And if that isn't scary enough for you, how about he's also a good damn cop pushed too damn far! What's that? It was scary enough? Okay, we'll save that last part for next year. AWOOOOOOOOOO!
Remember how big we built Merasmus up back there? Well, we exaggerated a little. But only slightly! AWOOOOOOO okay, so maybe he isn't a top tier wizard – he basically knows three spells, and two of them are guessing your card. Good news for you! Unfortunately, he's also got access to the Bombinomicon, an eldritch tome of bomb magic, and that book is actually a pretty big deal down at the wizard store. Merasmus has also booby-trapped the control point—every time it changes hands, the Wheel of Fate spins, and one of many potentially horrible fates await you! Or maybe something good! Who knows? Magic, everyone!
Among the many gifts dropping for you throughout our two weeks-long Scream Fortress event are spells you can cast on other items in your backpack to give them new effects– shifting paint colors, ghost summoning, flaming footsteps and more! Finally, you can live Glenn Danzig's dream of being an evil sorceror! One of the spells might even give you Glenn Danzig's eldritch phone number, so you can call him up and really rub it in! AWOOOOO!
Pumpkins! Spiderwebs! Hay bales! If you can think of anything scarier than that, maybe you should give Master of Horror John Carpenter a call, because he'll probably give you a job! But this terrifying new MvM mission didn't stop at hay bales, horror fans -- your robot attackers have been replaced by a single apocalyptic wave of zombies! How many zombies? How does 666 sound, fear friends? Because it sounds like a candy-ass pile of crap to us! 666 is where we started. But where we ended was MORE THAN EIGHT HUNDRED! That said, we're still calling it "Wave 666", because we asked Glenn Danzig and he said that sounded way more badass than "Wave More Than Eight Hundred".
Wizards Never Prosper Kill MERASMUS!
A Lovely Vacation Spot Get to Skull Island and claim your reward!

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