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Attack DayAttack Day

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Resident Evil 6 mods

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Miscellaneous - 1 (0)

Fan translations, patches, etc

Models and Reskins

Models and Reskins - 92 (0)

Weapons and characters models and reskins for Reisdent Evil 6

Other Modifications

Other Modifications - 2 (0)

Graphic enhancements and content packs

    Claire Redfield Classic (from Revelations 2)
    Resident Evil 6Claire Redfield Classic (from Revelations 2)
    Tina (Dead Or Alive 5) [UPD]
    Resident Evil 6Tina (Dead Or Alive 5) [UPD]
    Rachel (Dead Or Alive 5)
    Resident Evil 6Rachel (Dead Or Alive 5)
    Samus Other M (Military Dress)
    Resident Evil 6Samus Other M (Military Dress)