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Resident Evil: Revelations mods

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Miscellaneous - 0 (0)

Fan translations, patches, etc for Resident Evil: Revelations

Models and Reskins

Models and Reskins - 27 (0)

Weapons and characters models and reskins for Reisdent Evil: Revelations

Other Modifications

Other Modifications - 3 (0)

Graphic enhancements and content packs for Resident Evil: Revelations

    RE2 DSC Claire + Preview model
    Resident Evil RevelationsRE2 DSC Claire + Preview model
    Jill in RE3\TUC Suit
    Resident Evil RevelationsJill in RE3\TUC Suit
    Ada Wong from RE4\RE2 Costume (v.0.3)
    Resident Evil RevelationsAda Wong from RE4\RE2 Costume (v.0.3)
    Resident Evil RevelationsWeapons