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Maps for UT99 and mods

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AS - 2 (0)

This game type is played with two opposing teams, one assaulting a "base" and the other defending it


CTF - 8 (0)

Players compete to capture the other team's flag and return it to their base


DM - 21 (0)

A classic every-man-for-himself player vs. player combat


DOM - 3 (0)

Teams compete to control various control points to earn points and win the map

Map Packs

Map Packs - 6 (0)

Various Map Packs


MH - 3 (0)

You and your team of hunters fight your way through hoards of monsters attempting to prevent you from escaping


Misc - 0 (0)

Miscellaneous Maps

    CSO 2 pack #2
    Counter-Strike Global OffensiveCSO 2 pack #2
    Leon S.Kennedy Debug (Resident Evil 6)
    Resident Evil 5Leon S.Kennedy Debug (Resident Evil 6)
    Excella Gionne in Racer Bikini
    Resident Evil 5Excella Gionne in Racer Bikini
    Ada Wong RE2 Remake with RE4 Head
    Resident Evil 6Ada Wong RE2 Remake with RE4 Head