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This removes those annoying ammo icons

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Transparent Ammo Icons (Player and AI)

This removes those annoying ammo icons

Author / s : DemonSlayer_1
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Uploaded by : Zhe_HoLTi
Created : 06/13/2016 4:30:10 AM
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Tags : персонаж, оружие, Shepard, загрузить скачать, модификация, мод, графический мод, эффект массы, mass effect 2, me2, download, graphic, modification, Mod, weapons, character

Available following translations : | english | russian |

This removes those annoying ammo icons that appear when you select a special ammo type. It removes it on both player and NPC weapons.


  1. Launch TexMod.

  2. Click on a folder "Target Aplication" in the upper left corner, specify the path to the file MassEffect2.exe.

  3. Press on the middle of the folder "Select Packages" window, select the downloaded mod (texture\model in .tpf-format).

  4. Hit Run. This procedure is necessary to alter each time you start the game.

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