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Sledge - A Hammer alternative

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Sledge - A Hammer alternative

Просмотров : 1094 ( +1 )
Скачиваний : 19
Прислал / (а) : NitrO
Дата создания : 05.01.2014 9:35:47
Источник : http://sledge-editor.com
Рейтинг :
 ( 4.25 ) 
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'm very pleased to announce that Sledge, my open source alternative to Hammer 3.5, is now available as an alpha build!

I’ve been working on this project on and off for about 5 years now - some of you might remember my journal about Thor, which I had to abandon due to an unstable code base. I started work on Sledge about 2 years ago, and it only contains very small portions of the original Thor code.

The current Sledge release is an alpha release, which means that there are still some key features that need to be added and the features that are there may be unstable at times. However I think that right now it’s at a point where people can start trying it out to see what they think (and hopefully report some bugs! smile - :) ).

Alpha means stuff is missing. The important missing things are:

  • Support for opening multiple maps at once

  • Advanced compile options (I recommend you use a batch compiler for now, current compiling support is very primitive)

  • Rendering models

  • Autosaving

  • Prefabs

  • Cameras

  • Automatic detection of game configurations (for now, configure it manually like Hammer 3.5)

  • Transparent tool brush rendering (think trigger brushes in Hammer 4)

Once the missing features are added, then I will start on Source support for version 2. Right now, it only works with Goldsource.

1. ( 3.4 Mb )
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Sledge Sledge Sledge Sledge
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