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Официальный патч для клиента Half-Life (WON).

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Half-Life update v1.1.1.0 final

Официальный патч для клиента Half-Life (WON).

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Дата создания : 09.11.2011 16:51:17
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Патч обновляет клиент Half-Life версии до версии Патч предыдущей версии должен быть уже установлен у вас для корректной установки обновления. Данный патч стал последним в линейке официальных патчей для WON-версии Half-Life. После его выхода VALVe полностью переключились на работу над Steam-версией. В патч вошла мультиплеерная модификация Ricochet и ряд существенных исправлений. Практически все моды, выходившие в 2003 году и позже, создавались авторами либо под этот патч, либо под Steam-версию Half-Life.

Half-Life Version

Update Readme 6.12.02


  • Ricochet included in this release.

  • Added logging of the anti-cheat system catching and kicking detected cheats.

  • Added logging of "kick" commands.

  • Added logging of "banid" commands.

  • Changed error message if clients try to download missing resources to be more helpful.

  • Changed exec command now only works on .cfg and .rc files.

  • Changed exec command no longer allows ".." or "\\" or ":" in the filename.

  • Added new debug message for mod makers if a packet couldn’t be parsed correctly.

  • Linux: hlds_run now does auto-restart by default (to disable: define "-norestart" on the command line)

  • Linux: hlds_run uses "exec" when you define the "-norestart" option.

  • Linux: Added -pingboost command line parameter. Currently supports three different methods (-pingboost 1, -pingboost 2, and pingboost 3). These may not work well (or at all) on some OS environments.

  • Linux: Added "-debug" flag to hlds_run to automatically run gdb and pull out useful info.


  • Added "serverversion", can be set to 1108 to view/re-record old demos.

  • Added "sv_logbans" to turn the logging of player bans on and off. Default is 0 (off).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed incorrect WonID logging.

  • Fixed sv_allowdownload being required to be set to 1 for clients to connect to secure servers.

  • Fixed bad address type fatal error on servers that attempt to run in secure mode but have no DNS resolution.

  • Fixed DropClient messages for Steam clients who were banned or have a duplicate Steam ID to properly show the SteamID of the client.

  • Fixed HLTV reporting wrong spectator numbers if connection to server was pending.

  • Fixed "multicast 1" not working if it was issued before HLTV connected to game server.

  • Fixed relay proxies reporting wrong spectator/slots numbers in multiplayer/LAN menu.

  • Fixed DMC powerup bug where the invisibility ring would make people glow red.

  • Fixed rcon bug in HLTV.

  • Fixed delay being reset to default value during changelevel.

  • Fixed a problem with propagating HLTV banners.

  • Fixed client freeze on exit.

  • Fixed framerate problem on some ATI video cards.

  • Fixed MaxPing filter not being saved correctly.

  • Fixed sky box bug.

  • Fixed TFC spy disguise menu bug.

  • Fixed DMC view model animation bug.

  • Fixed bug using "exec <filename>" on large files (e.g. banned.cfg).

  • Linux: Fixed server using 64 MB more memory than it needed to.

  • Linux: Fixed undefined symbol: __strtouq_internal on some Linux systems.

  • Linux: Fixed segmentation fault on some Linux systems when attempting to run in secure mode.

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