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Модификация с большим количеством нововведений, рассказывающая историю о метрокопах...

Outpost 16Outpost 16

First Person Shooter...


Новые подробности Natural Selection 2

  • Описание

Новые подробности Natural Selection 2

Новые подробности Natural Selection 2

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Прислал / (а) : Cep}|{
Дата создания : 01.09.2012 12:14:26
Источник : http://www.naturalselection2.com/
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  • Added new marine Exosuit! Purchase at the Prototype Lab (requires 2 Command Stations). Comes with a Claw and Minigun. Dual miniguns researchable.

  • Added new map: ns2_veil (thanks FMPONE!)

  • Added Alien "Pheromones".

  • Added ambient occlusion option.

  • Added an effect showing the Marine commander that an area is powered.

  • Added new Hive Sight for Aliens.

  • Added dynamic music when attacking Hives and Command Stations. Also added round start music.

  • Added "pick up game" feature to the Join game menu (an simple "gather" system, more to come)

  • Cleaned up general UI by adding new "nametags" that show you what all structures are and their health.

  • Added "show hints" option to the UI so red objective markers and informative text won’t display.

  • Added glow effect for Commander for all commander structures, tech points and resource nozzles (so they "pop" from environment).

  • All new marine commander UI

  • All new alien commander UI


  • Nano shield now requires 2 Command Stations.

  • Aliens with regeneration get 3x passive/innate regeneration also (thanks Bitey!).

  • Building a Robotics Factory now grants you a free MAC (to preserve the apparent size/cost of structure while incentivizing its use early-game).

  • Changed hydra spikes to Normal damage (from Light damage) so they will remain effective throughout the game (esp. vs late game high-armor JP marines). Effectiveness vs. early marines is unchanged.

  • Decreased Cyst build time from 5 to 1.

  • Decreased Harvester build time from 60 to 45.

  • Increased Drifter health to 300 (from 100).

  • Increased Drifter turn speed.

  • Increased Extractor build time from 10 to 12.

  • Increased jetpack fuel use amount by 25%.

  • Lowered Skulk carapace from 50 to 30.

  • Reduced spike and spore energy costs somewhat (thanks Saba!).

  • Rupture reduced from 2 to 1 resources (more to come).

  • Shifted more of ARC hp into armor (which goes away when deployed).

  • When Armory is used a lot, it takes longer for it to recover it’s maximum resupply rate.


  • Smoothed out blink movement.

  • Builder can now repair power nodes (half of the rate of welder).

  • Changed commander ping to use Alt+click (was previously shift+click which will interfere with selection).

  • Commander ping can now be triggered with middle mouse button.

  • Commanders no longer earn personal resources.

  • Gorge structures are now permanent again (they won’t die if their owner is no longer a gorge).

  • Made health bar smaller and moved more down. it displays the same info as the crosshair text did, shows also gestate %.

  • Only mature whips are able to whack grenades away.

  • Pre-evolving eggs and dropping equipment cost now team resources.

  • Removed "+1 resource" displayed for extractors and harvesters (interfering with hint-nametags and shouldn’t need any more).

  • Removed crosshair text.

  • Removed health circles.

  • Removed hive info display.

  • Rupture no longer destroys the cyst, instead it will blow up the top part of the cyst and reset the maturity. Once re-matured rupture can be triggered again.

  • Scan is no longer destroyed when an ink cloud is nearby, it’s now simply non functional.

  • Swapped Lerk spikes and spores

  • New grenade launcher view model

  • New Lerk view model


  • 3203 Onos sliding (increase velocity prec, increase min velocity).

  • AI units (MAC, Drifter, etc) now respect line of sight/fog of war when they are assigned an attack order (Thanks McGlaspie!).

  • Adjusted on damage knockback force to consider slow down effects (jump spam as marine), and reduced maximum possible knockback force by 30%.

  • Also report penetration normal for sphere vs tri mesh.

  • Another attempt to prevent prop penetration.

  • Definitely the last fix for prop penetration ever.

  • Don’t allow player to easily penetrate props. Make the movement not work in subtly different ways.

  • Enabled doublesided tris for collision meshes (fixes many stuck issues).

  • Evolving Eggs are now facing the same direction that the player was previously facing (Thanks McGlaspie!).

  • Fix for failing unit test (depenetration from box primitive).

  • Fixed "Error: Couldn’t open file ''" log message when alt-tabbing.

  • Fixed Alien commander eject voting (Thanks Dragon).

  • Fixed a bug where vertical friction was not applied properly when wall walking as a skulk.

  • Fixed ammo request / health request not reaching the commander most of the time.

  • Fixed animation hitches when jump as skulk.

  • Fixed blink 2d sound continues playing after blink is over.

  • Fixed bug allowing some structures to be stacked.

  • Fixed bug causing 3rd person weapon muzzle flashes to not be attached to the gun.

  • Fixed bug causing the "Hive Death Imminent" message to sometimes not appear before the Hive was killed.

  • Fixed bug causing the camera to go into the ground when an Alien begins gestating when the player was using the inverted mouse option.

  • Fixed bug causing the end game message to display incorrectly for players waiting to spawn.

  • Fixed bug sometimes causing the "Commander Needed" banner message to appear too soon.

  • Fixed bug that prevented upgrading of multiple structures at once.

  • Fixed bug where particle systems would not animate smoothly in spectator mode.

  • Fixed bug where scoreboard seemed to always rounds up pres.

  • Fixed bug where server -game command line is parsed incorrectly if it is a quoted string and ends with a backslash.

  • Fixed bug where setting an invalid key name to a key in the options file would cause a crash.

  • Fixed bug where the camera would be behind the player in some cases.

  • Fixed bug where the game would freeze when loading an incorreclty formatted language translation file.

  • Fixed bug where vents would not be properly colored on the minimap if any layers had been deleted from the file.

  • Fixed construction percentage not being shown in the selection panel.

  • Fixed crash when transitioning from in-game to the menu while music was playing.

  • Fixed death message icon for welders.

  • Fixed flame thrower energy penalty (should have been -20% regeneration instead of -80%).

  • Fixed graphical corruption error.

  • Fixed inaccuracy in lighting and shadow calculations.

  • Fixed issue where the dedicated server would exit if an invalid command line was specified (now it reports an error message and continues).

  • Fixed problem with blink where you could avoid the min blink delay by switching abilities.

  • Fixed recycling a command station did not update the tech tree properly.

  • Fixed script error caused by attempting to kick an invalid player from the server.

  • Fixed unit status not updating properly (wrench icon on moving targets).

  • Fixed unlocked ability notifications not showing the correct icons.

  • For 218: Draw non-command structures and tech points a bit smaller on the marine minimap.

  • Hotloading works again!.

  • MAC welder effects will no longer continue to play after it is killed.

  • PhysX tweak - return the penetration normal for convex mesh vs capsule/tri mesh tests (fixes Lerks / Skulks getting stuck in convex meshes).

  • Proper fix of insight overhead minimap script errors.

  • Props such as the Generator will no longer display the "E" key when you are nearby.

  • Re-enabled double sided triangles, fixed commander selection to work with it. This should significantly reduce chances of getting stuck in geometry.

  • Script can now specify which collision rep to use for triggers/triggering objects (fixes triggers).

  • Sentries will target Fades again.

  • Separated the sweeping of object vs triggers from sweeping vs collision. It was unnecessary work and in some edge cases it did the wrong thing.

  • Skulks are allowed to depenetrate again.

  • Spectator mode will no longer cycle through players in the ready room (Thanks McGlaspie!).

  • Stop stepAmount spamming.

  • Super cheesy workaround for the environment stuck issues.

  • The "Commander Needed" banner message will no longer appear after the last Hive/CC has been destroyed.

  • The "Go To Ready Room" button (F4) now works in Commander and overhead spectator mode.

  • The "Hive Death Imminent" message will no longer display after a Hive is killed in some cases.

  • The "X Hive Grown" banner message will no longer display right before a game starts.

  • Triangle winding fixed when baking convex mesh as a trimesh. (Fixes issue 3198).

  • Update physics bounding box properly.

  • Voice commands are disabled when the player is dead (Thanks McGlaspie!).

  • When sliding, add a little bit of normal to the slide direction to help prevent penetration.

  • Changed Fade blink to have a little upwards momentum and tuned energy costs, both to be more like NS1


  • Remove player-resources from the commander UI. Now the Commander can only spend team-resources and in fact gets no player-resources during the game. Weapon-dropping and egg-evolving now costs team-resources.

  • Switched player movement from Havok to PhysX (performance improvement, less memory usage, less bugs)

  • Switched player movement from cylinders to capsules for less "snagging" (more rounded, less catchy)

  • Changed player movement logic to make stepping up and over things more predictable and reliable

  • ARC hit registration is now more reliable.

  • Added 3D arrows that draw around a Command Station/Hive if there is no Commander logged in after some time.

  • Added Alien vision mode help widget.

  • Added Buy Shotgun help widget.

  • Added Flashlight help widget for new players.

  • Added Gorge Belly Slide help widget for new players.

  • Added Gorge Heal Spray help widget for new players.

  • Added Jetpack help widget for new players.

  • Added NS2 YouTube video links to the tutorial menu.

  • Added Skulk Parasite help widget for new players.

  • Added Welder help widget for new players.

  • Added field-profiling to the plog data, updated the PerfAnalyser.

  • Added health bars above structures (health circles have been removed).

  • Added help widget for requesting medpack when hurt.

  • Added inventory display for aliens (same as on marine side, icons are displayed at the bottom center of the screen).

  • Added inventory key binds.

  • Added short hints to unit name plates.

  • Allow experienced users to turn off hints: red objective markers, help widgets (default-on).

  • Better field stats collection (+-1 delta bit effect shown).

  • Enabled auto-weld orders for Marines with a Welder.

  • Gorges lean left/right/up/down when drifting.

  • Harvesters and hives start glowing once they are fully build.

  • Hive / command station health has no distance limit anymore for their own team.

  • Improved cloak effect.

  • Improved close up melee hit registration.

  • Improved model turn smoothing for players.

  • Initially socketed power nodes use now the ghost structure effect.

  • Lerk model turns now in a more natural way when flying.

  • Marine commander can now drop jetpacks and exosuits.

  • Monkey now randomize moves to better mimic actual players.

  • Most weapon attack effects are now triggered client side only to reduce traffic.

  • Moved the indicator of the # of aliens on your team down in the alien buy menu to make more clear.

  • Pickupable equipment is now outlined for marines.

  • Power status is now visible to the marine commander.

  • Refactored common code from ClientModelMixin and ModelMixin into BaseModelMixin.

  • Refactored to support Time using delta compression.

  • Removed unnecessary construct icons on structures.

  • The game now ends immediately upon the last Hive/CC being killed (instead of waiting until the structure has disappeared).

  • Updated gorge build menu design.

  • Vectors now allow delta compression parameters.

  • Zoomed out marine minimap a bit more to reduce big map usage. Shrunk other icons a bit to fit new zoom level. Made zooming arrow representing yourself on map more obvious.


  • Fixed glass roof bile bomb exploit in Terminal.

  • Fixed hole in Locker rooms vent.

  • Fixed siege spot in Terminal.


  • Ore Extraction & Crushing room swapped places.

  • Removed tech point from crushing room.

  • Added route from Central Drilling/Brew Room to new Crushing Machine Location with overhead access.

  • Added simple collision surfaces to problem areas.

  • Added some Reflection Points.

  • Alterations to Path Settings Node.

  • Fixed Ore Extraction Location coverage.

  • Moved Resource Point in Crushing room to make way for new route.

  • Removed machinery on top of Ore Machine at the back.

  • Added vent access from crushing room to Ore Extraction.

  • Detail & Lighting Pass on Ore Extraction.


  • Added support for colored vents in the minimap.

  • Added support for explore mode.

  • Blocked Glass Hallway vent going into Data Core.

  • Blocked Summit Reception vent going into Crevice/Atrium.

  • Expanded Data Core.

  • Fixed Sub Access RT not being connected when aliens spawn here.

  • Fixed navigation mesh in Pipe Junction.

  • Fixed some Commander building exploits (Thanks rantology!).

  • Fixed stuck issue in Crossroads.

  • Fixed stuck issue in Sub Access.

  • Flattened and expanded Atrium. Allowed both teams to spawn here.

  • Marines can now spawn in Atrium.

  • Partially retracted the wall in the middle between Atrium and Reactor Core.

  • Reopened closed vent in Atrium.

  • Smoothed player movement for the new stairs collisions.


  • Added cover in front of Warehouse tech point.

  • Added vent between North Tunnels and Server Room and other new vents as part of the layout rework.

  • Fixed cyst infestation bridging across Warehouse to the North Tunnels rt.

  • Fixed various issues where you could build in undesirable places.

  • Increased spacing of Repair Room and Ore Processing from rest of map.

  • Removed some of the under floor vents in North Tunnels.

  • Repair Room is no longer a starting spawn.

  • Reworked Hub and Elevator Transfer area with new layout.

  • Reworked Repair Room → Logistics corridor.


  • Added default delta compression on all fixed fields.

  • Added the ability to customize the quality of loaded textures based on pattern matching rules.

  • Avoid detour through Lua to update the physics bounding box on Synchronized.

  • Better default delta compression for small fields, allow turning off delta compression.

  • Changed Player use collision check to use simplified model geometry.

  • Don’t call OnUpdatePhysics/OnSynchronized on holstered weapons.

  • Don’t update bounding boxes for holstered weapons.

  • Fixed issue where decals with the same material file name were not sharing a material object.

  • Marginally faster BitReader.

  • Moved integer fields to use delta compression.

  • Only update controllers close to you during OnProcessMove.

  • Optimized GUI notifications.

  • Optimized dissolve on death effect.

  • Optimized network fields, mostly Jetpack marine.

  • Optimized updating Infestation on the client.

  • Reduced garbage generation in map blip code.

  • Reduced the overhead in accessing a network variable from script.

  • Remove ControllerMixin::OnSynchronized(), replace with radius check at start of UpdateMove.

  • Removed redundant and unnecessary operations from model updating.

  • Removed unnecessary network fields in Player.

  • Rifle attack sounds are now handled client side.

  • Server CPU now idles in select() when no work to be done.

  • Server CPU spreads out work better to increase load resistance.

  • Simplified the collision model for Players when performing ray traces against the movement representation.

  • Support zero-bit delta compression (m_angles pitch/roll for non skulk/lerks).

  • Use parent bounding box and origin if attached using an attachPoint (which are invalid anyhow).

  • Generic field configuration allowing for easy configurable delta compression.


  • Added error message to console when skipping a translation because we already have one for that Locale.

  • Fixed an edge case in the Pathing.FindRandomPointAroundCircle() function causing an infinite loop if there were no polygons within the area provided (Thanks Doublehex!).

  • Fixed bug where lights would be set to an invalid state in the Cinematic Editor.

  • Improved network stats collection.

  • Mark detail-windows on their parent windows.

  • PerfAnalyser now shows idle time per frame, minor bugfixes.

  • Profiling now supports > 4096 names.






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