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Half-Life Hazardous Materials Episode 1Half-Life Hazardous Materials Episode 1

Гордон Фримен возвращается!!...

Codename: CURECodename: CURE

First Person Shooter...


Alternative Sport

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Alternative Sport

Просмотров : 1069 ( +2 )
Скачиваний : 2
Прислал / (а) : NitrO
Дата создания : 05.11.2013 17:21:03
Рейтинг :
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Поделиться :
Разработчик / (и) : Team GraviNULL
Дата выхода : 26.02.2010
Сайт разработчика : http://www.bekey.half-lifecreations.com/gravinull/

Имеются следующие переводы : | английский |

In GraviNULL, the player will be put in a Zero Gravity situation with no means to move around besides using a modified gravity gun with a "grapple" function.

The grapple function can attach to the numerous mines floating about the map and fling the player around, the player must kill the enemies by punting the mines at enemies, normally the mines give off a minor electrical shock, but when they are punted they become supercharged for a while allowing them to cause lethal damage.

Half-Life 2

Похожие1. Dodge Ball: Source - Мод, основанной на спортивной игре
2. Coven - First Person Shooter, Horror
3. Snowball Fight - Remember that HL1 snowball fighting mod back in the day? It was around for one of those winter season. I always thought someone would bring it back for HL2 and I'd get to re-live that fun mods game play all over again. No one did tho, and Ill be damned if I let that happen again this year! Here's a snowball fighting mod for release this winter!
1. ( 32.5 Mb )
2. ( 30.1 Mb )
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