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Патч обновит Half-Life (вплоть до версии до версии

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Half-Life patch v1.1.0.0 full

Патч обновит Half-Life (вплоть до версии до версии

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Прислал / (а) : Qwertyus
Дата создания : 08.11.2011 19:31:34
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Данный патч обновит любую раннюю версию Half-Life (вплоть до версии до версии Вместе с данным патчем в игру было добавлено значительное количество изменений (в том числе мультиплеерное дополнение Team Fortress Classic v1.5), вследствие чего многие моды, выпущенные в 2000 году и позже, требуют этого патча в обязательном порядке. И наоборот, некоторые старые моды несовместимы с данным патчем и более поздними патчами.

Half-Life Version Update Readme 5/28/00

New Feature Additions: - This update includes a complete rewrite of Half-Life’s networking system. - VGUI in-game interface included. Use Configuration screen in launcher to bind a key to it. - Three new maps included (Dustbowl, Epicenter, and Warpath). - Engineer upgrades sentry gun immediately. - Dispensers can be used by touching them. - Spectator mode added. - Number pad keys are now bindable independent. - Support for mouse buttons 4 and 5. - You will get a point in TFC for destroying an enemy sentry gun. - Engineer can view other Engineer’s sentry gun stats via HUD. - Tell command added to TFC. - The class of everyone on your team is available via the scoreboard. - Grenade timer added to TFC. - Updated netgraph, use net_graph 3 - TFC Manual updated with all information pertaining to this update. - Console and in-game chat uses a True Type font. - Player names are colored according to team in TFC when talking. - MOTD length increased for server operators.

Bug Fixes in this update: - Team-only backpacks in Badlands fixed. - Ground underneath platform in Rock2 fixed. - Det packs will hurt demoman underwater. - Firing through walls as demoman/soldier bug fixed. - Sentry guns will not fire at allied teams. - Hallucination effect for gas grenade is all client side now. - Grenade packs in 2fort fixed. - Level one sentry gun will point at enemies correctly. - Scoreboard accuracy problems fixed. - Grenades will not be removed by goal items or doors now. - Laser sight for .357 in HLDM fixed when zooming for the first time. - No build brush added to upper resupply in 2fort. - Clip brushes added to battlement in 2fort. - Demoman can no longer instantly detonate pipebombs. - Concussion jumping as Scout/Medic in TFC reduced. - Removed GL renderer cvars that were being used for cheating. - If no maps are in the mod’s \maps directory, the \valve\maps will be shown.

Previous Feature Additions - Two new Team Fortress Classic maps included in this update: Badlands and Crossover2. - TF Stats Version 2.0 included with this update. This will take server log files and create a webpage with the results of the match. Refer to \halflife\tfc\TFStats.htm for instructions. - Server now allows banning by userid. Refer to TFCServer.htm located in your \halflife\tfc\manual folder. - Mod browser now supports .zip file compression. - This Update will install Team Fortress Classic. Launch Half-Life as normal and click on the Custom Game button. Click on the Activate button to load Team Fortress Classic as the currently selected game. - Launcher now supports downloading of custom modifications for Half-Life. Clicking on the custom game button will bring up a list of the current games on the Half-Life modification sever. - Launcher now shows if a server is a dedicated, listen, or Linux server. - Launcher detects if servers are running the same version of Half-Life as you. - Support for pinging multiple master servers added. - Sorting options are now more robust in the launcher. - Server passwords are checked before game engine is started. - Dedicated server logging added. - Dedicated server will now echo all client talking to the dedicated server console. - Dedicated server is now a console application, making remote administration easier. - Server browser downloads server information based on bandwidth. - Reduced data sent on server updates, making updates faster. - Dedicated server optimized. - Team Fortress game code optimized.

Previous Fixes:

  • Limiting MIRV grenades to 2 per player in Team Fortress Classic.

  • Fixed chat room issues.

  • gl_zmax setting is now dictated by the game server.

  • Improved load balancing on Master server backend.

  • Rolled setinfo bug fix into client release.

  • Split packet signon bug.

  • Rolled in trigger_changelevel fix to client release.

  • Fixed cheat where players could run around after they were dead in Team Fortress Classic.

  • Fixed corrupting server list files bug.

  • Improved server stability.

  • Fixed problem where engine was not switching back to launcher when running in 640*480 OpenGL.

  • Team 4 can now score on 4 player TFC maps.

  • Fixed problem where too many packets were being sent at signon that was causing problems for cable modem users.

  • Demo Playback fixed.

  • Userinfo overrun fixed.

  • Spies feigning in doorways will no longer drop all clients on server.

  • Grenades will no longer detonate if you change teams.

  • Dedicated server no longer requires hw.dll for authentication.

  • Dedicated server will heartbeat with +map in the command line.

  • Invalid authentication after attempting to join a full server bug fixed.

  • Empty sever list on low-bandwidth connection fixed.

  • Water prediction code optimized.

  • DNS lookup on LAN servers fixed.

  • Latency values are more accurate in launcher.

  • OpenGL multitexturing optimized.

  • OpenGL decal usage optimized.

  • Single player game will no longer open up a Dial-Up connection box for Internet Explorer 4.0 users.

  • Fixed 'Used Decal # without a name problem.

  • Decal downloading streamlined.

  • Fixed timedemo/demo playback problems.

  • Disabled the music track check in CD Authentication. One problem that some people faced was that they have CD-ROM drives that either can’t play the music tracks or they have disabled CD audio on that device. We’ve disabled the portion of the CD authentication that checked for the music tracks since it was tripping up legitimate customers. Of course they still won’t hear the music until they get their CD audio fixed, but they would have that with any game that uses CD music.

  • Adjusted the default configuration for multiplayer to be more appropriate for people with lower speed modems or with high ping/bad packet loss.

  • The default rate for LAN games is now set to 9999. Previously the LAN rate was being set to the be the same as the Internet rate.

  • Clients LAN Games on TCP/IP are limited to addresses with the same netid as the server or non-routeable IP address.

  • Fixed an uninstall issue that may affect custom locations.

  • Fixed an A3D underwater sound bug.

  • Improved multiplayer performance through bandwidth optimizations and better prediction. Modem users will see less apparent lag as a result.

  • Added support for IPX based LANs.

  • Added teamplay option for multiplayer games.

  • Added option to limit total number of decals you can see in multiplayer. Try setting r_decals 500 if you’re experiencing slowdowns after long periods of game play.

  • Joysticks can now be used to move at the same time a mouse is used to look.

  • The server ping can now be shown as a numeric value instead of green dots. Use the "-numericping" command line option when launching hl.exe.

  • Improved ladder performance in multiplayer.

  • Added EAX 4 speaker support.

  • Fixed bug that allowed bypassing of ammo reloading.

  • Fixed bug where train and rocket sounds would play repeatedly in multiplayer games.

  • Increased number of regional multiplayer servers.

  • Increased accuracy of ping calculations in the Internet Games menu.

  • Increased accuracy of latency values in the scoring screen.

  • Fixed bug preventing climbing ladders when playing with a joystick.

  • Added 3 new player models (Security guard, military robot, zombie) and 2 multiplay maps (frenzy.bsp, crossfire.bsp).

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