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Cry of Fear 1.0Cry of Fear 1.0

Хоррор от первого лица (Одиночная игра и Кооператив)...

The Citizen Part IThe Citizen Part I

Шутер от первого лица...


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Author/s of map : The Pka
Views : 243 ( +1 )
Downloads : 46
Uploaded by : Cep}|{
Created : 10/29/2010 1:47:07 PM
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HL2_zombie_Survival HL2_zombie_Survival
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    Akimbo Barrett's
    The SpecialistsAkimbo Barrett's
    Akimbo Default Desert Eagles
    The SpecialistsAkimbo Default Desert Eagles
    Colt's Government M1911A1 (Default Colts Reskin)
    The SpecialistsColt's Government M1911A1 (Default Colts Reskin)
    FN Browning High Power
    The SpecialistsFN Browning High Power