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Half-Life InvasionHalf-Life Invasion

Французская модификация...

Xash-Life 2Xash-Life 2

Перенос Half-Life 2 на Xash3D...

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Games on the goldsrc and source engines

overall : 0 / 44783
new : 0 / 5
Goldsrc Warehouse (HL1)

Goldsrc Warehouse (HL1) - 20853 (0)

Interesting stuff for the games on Half-Life engine (GOLDSRC)

Source Warehouse (HL2)

Source Warehouse (HL2) - 23930 (5)

Interesting stuff for the games on Half-Life 2 engine (SOURCE)

    Counter-Strike Global OffensiveAK117
    Counter-Strike Global OffensiveCameraman
    ballin' (SWEP)
    Garrys modballin' (SWEP)
    Black Mesa (Русская локализация - Текстуры)
    Half-Life 2Black Mesa (Русская локализация - Текстуры)