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OXXO: SourceOXXO: Source

is a sourcemod set in an Oxxo self-service store where the protagonist, an unknown night shift employee, is given the ta...

Portal 2005Portal 2005

the first release of the portal 2005 beta recreation mod...

Stat points ( ALL )

Maps for UT3 and mods

overall : 0 / 140
Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag - 25 (0)

Your team must score flag captures by taking the enemy flag from the enemy base and returning it to their own flag


Deathmatch - 76 (0)

Gametype, in which the point is to either reach a certain number of frags (or kills), or to highest number of frags at the time limit for the match

Map Packs

Map Packs - 8 (0)

Various Map Packs


Misc - 1 (0)

Miscellaneous Maps

Vehicle Capture the Flag

Vehicle Capture the Flag - 16 (0)

Capture the Flag, with vehicles as part of the map; this game mode is distinct from the standard Capture the Flag mode


Warfare - 14 (0)

A mix of Onslaught and Assault game modes from previous games

    Unreal Tournament 3DOM-OrbitalReconstruction
    Unreal Tournament 3VCTF-WinterBridge
    Unreal Tournament 3DM-ScraperDeck
    Unofficial Greed Maps [Stock/Titan DM]
    Unreal Tournament 3Unofficial Greed Maps [Stock/Titan DM]