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The Mercenaries 3D Classic Edition - Stages From RE: RemakeThe Mercenaries 3D Classic Edition - Stages From RE: Remake

Мод заменяет стандартные сценарии в режиме Наемников на новые из Resident Evil: Remake...

Minerva: MetastasisMinerva: Metastasis

Мод о солдате Альянса и таинственной девушке с именем Минерва...

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Maps for games and modifications on GoldSrc engine

overall : 0 / 2135

Counter-Strike - 514 (0)

Maps for Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero - 673 (0)

Maps for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Day of Defeat

Day of Defeat - 297 (0)

Maps for Day of Defeat

DeathMatch Classic

DeathMatch Classic - 12 (0)

Maps for DeathMatch Classic


Half-Life - 456 (0)

Maps for Half-Life

Miscellaneous (GoldSrc)

Miscellaneous (GoldSrc) - 7 (0)

Maps that are not included in other sections

Natural Selection

Natural Selection - 10 (0)

Maps for modification Natural Selection

Opposing Force

Opposing Force - 40 (0)

Maps for Half-Life: Opposing Force

Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress Classic - 86 (0)

Maps for Team Fortress Classic

The Specialists

The Specialists - 40 (0)

Maps for modification The Specialists

    Counter-Strike 1.6speedrun_bblock
    Counter-Strike Condition Zerocscz_arena
    Counter-Strike 1.6cs_peculiar