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Half-Life 2: Hypercube Source 2.0Half-Life 2: Hypercube Source 2.0

Задача проста: зайди в Куб и выйди из него......

Stat ( goldsrc plugins ), pcs.

Various packs for games and mods on the GoldSource engine

overall : 0 / 63

Counter-Strike - 15 (0)

Packs for Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero


Half-Life - 35 (0)

Packs for Half-Life and its addons (Opposing Force, Blue Shift)


Miscellaneous - 10 (0)

Packs for various games and mods

Sven Co-op

Sven Co-op - 3 (0)

Packs for Sven Co-op

    Half-Life: Further Data
    Half-LifeHalf-Life: Further Data
    HD with LD Style
    Half-LifeHD with LD Style
    Spas 12 remake
    Half-LifeSpas 12 remake
    Shotgun Stock Pack
    Half-LifeShotgun Stock Pack