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Ispitatel 2Ispitatel 2

Испытатель часть 2...

CWC Board Mappack InitiativeCWC Board Mappack Initiative

Пак синглплеерных карт от польских мапперов....


Weapon models for Half-Life and mods on the GoldSRC engine

overall : 0 / 3683
Blue Shift

Blue Shift - 60 (0)

Weapon models for Half-Life: Blue Shift


Counter-Strike - 802 (0)

Weapon models for Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero - 1655 (0)

Weapon models for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Day of Defeat

Day of Defeat - 178 (0)

Weapon models for Day of Defeat


Half-Life - 421 (0)

Weapon models for Half-life

Miscellaneous (GoldSrc)

Miscellaneous (GoldSrc) - 55 (0)

Weapon models (Miscellaneous)

Opposing Force

Opposing Force - 94 (0)

Weapon models for Half-Life: Opposing Force

Sven Co-op

Sven Co-op - 42 (0)

Weapon models for Half-Life: Sven Co-op

Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress Classic - 21 (0)

Weapon models for Team Fortress Classic

The Specialists 3.0

The Specialists 3.0 - 355 (0)

Weapon models for modification The Specialists 3.0

    HD Magnum handgun
    Half-LifeHD Magnum handgun
    Модель Taurus Raging Bull с удлинённым стволом
    Half-LifeМодель Taurus Raging Bull с удлинённым стволом
    Деревянная HD MP5 с класс. руками
    Half-LifeДеревянная HD MP5 с класс. руками
    Pistol From Half-Nuked
    Half-LifePistol From Half-Nuked

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