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Spherical NightmaresSpherical Nightmares

First Person Shooter...

The Event in Village (Случай в Деревне)The Event in Village (Случай в Деревне)

Зима. Мороз. Поздний вечер…...


Interesting stuff for the games on Source engine

overall : 0 / 23466

Maps - 8134 (0)

Maps for modifications on the Source engine and Half-Life 2

Maps sources

Maps sources - 45 (0)

Decompiled maps on the Source engine


Miscellaneous - 19 (0)

Backgrounds, voices and etc

Miscellaneous models

Miscellaneous models - 4014 (0)

Models for mapping and modifications on source engine


Modifications - 179 (0)

Reviews of various modifications on the Source engine

Mods sources

Mods sources - 5 (0)

Modifications source codes for Half-Life 2, or just individual files


Packs - 65 (0)

Various packs for games and mods on the Source engine


Patches - 7 (0)

Various patches for games on the Source engine

Player models

Player models - 1724 (0)

Player models for Half-Life 2 and games on the Source engine


Plugins - 23 (0)

Plugins for game servers


Prefabs - 67 (0)

Ready-made workpieces


Software - 92 (0)

Various software for modmakers

Weapon models

Weapon models - 9000 (0)

Weapon models for HL2 and mods on the source engine

    Parabellum mod
    Counter-Strike Global OffensiveParabellum mod
    Кnife Parabellum
    Counter-Strike Global OffensiveКnife Parabellum
    Counter-Strike Global Offensiveparabellum
    Light Machine Gun
    Counter-Strike Global OffensiveLight Machine Gun

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