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Хорошая карта с интересной головоломкой

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Co-Op Colours - Map 4

Хорошая карта с интересной головоломкой

Author/s of map : Ianboswell
Views : 1086 ( +1 )
Downloads : 209
Uploaded by : NitrO
Created : 05/18/2011 12:56:56 PM
Source :
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 ( 4.29 ) 
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Available following translations : | russian |

Colours is a co-op and single player map pack for Portal 2 which features custom textures, sounds, and a whole lot of fun puzzles which focus entirely on synesthesia, puzzle solving, and cooperation. Features custom music, sounds, and more. Each map will be released as it is completed in order creating a chronologically episodic release, where each map will link to the next and if it does not then it simply resets.

It’s red so of course it’s primarily themed around LASERS!! I’m sorry the last chamber was so hard. Here I’ll make up for it with a nice easy chamber.

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1. ( 48.7 Mb )
Co-Op Colours - Map 4 Co-Op Colours - Map 4 Co-Op Colours - Map 4
Установка карт, локаций и миссий для игр и модов на движке source
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