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The Sprucecape MappackThe Sprucecape Mappack

Spruce Cape...

Black MesaBlack Mesa

Black Mesa (ранее Black Mesa: Source) - ремейк одной из самых известных игр - Half-Life...

Various packs for goldsrc

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Counter-Strike - 14 (0)

Packs for Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero


Half-Life - 30 (0)

Packs for Half-Life and its addons (Opposing Force, Blue Shift)

Sven Co-op

Sven Co-op - 3 (0)

Packs for Sven Co-op


Разное - 9 (0)

Packs for various games and mods

    Re-Origined and Smoothed HD Defaults w/wout Sleeve
    Counter-Strike 1.6Re-Origined and Smoothed HD Defaults w/wout Sleeve
    Trasendence Series with glow effect
    Counter-Strike 1.6Trasendence Series with glow effect
    SlayeR Kollection Package
    Counter-Strike 1.6SlayeR Kollection Package
    CS:GO Weapons Pack
    Counter-Strike 1.6CS:GO Weapons Pack

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