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Author/s of model : Ankalar, Stoke, bullet_head, Creeping_Jesus, SureShot, Jennifer!!, Vunsunta and SureShot
Views : 33 ( +1 )
Uploaded by : Cep}|{
Created : 02/03/2013 8:23:23 AM
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3. JJFU Aero Sonic Suppressor on Twinke M4 - I saw this weird suppressor and decided to make it. I don't think this is exactly how it works IRL but whatever. I put it Twinke's M4A1 model and Valve's animations. World Models included.
1. ( 2.8 Mb )
M4A1_Carbine_SF-RIS_+_Jennifers!!_s_Animations M4A1_Carbine_SF-RIS_+_Jennifers!!_s_Animations
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