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Custom models and reskins for Mass Effect 1

overall : 0 / 10

Characters - 8 (0)

Custom models and reskins for main characters, enemies and NPC in Mass Effect


Vehicles - 1 (0)

Custom models for Mako, Normandy SR-1 and other vehicles in Mass Effect


Weapons - 1 (0)

Custom models and reskins for weapons in Mass Effect

    ME3 Geth Pulse Rifle
    Mass Effect 1ME3 Geth Pulse Rifle
    Quarian Armor Retexture Pack
    Mass Effect 1Quarian Armor Retexture Pack
    Natural Eyelashes for ME1 and ME2 (v.2)
    Mass Effect 1Natural Eyelashes for ME1 and ME2 (v.2)
    Alliance Marine Heavy Male Armor
    Mass Effect 1Alliance Marine Heavy Male Armor

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