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Iron Grip : The OppressionIron Grip : The Oppression

One team consists of one human player, playing a full RTS style game, building and commanding AI troops while the opposi...


The terraformation of Xen known as The Xeno Project has begun...

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The Xeno Project

The terraformation of Xen known as The Xeno Project has begun...

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Uploaded by : Teh Xawor
Created : 02/10/2013 9:55:10 AM
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Developer / (s) : Mr. White
Count of maps : 15
HUD language : english
Sound language : english

Available following translations : | english | russian |

The terraformation of Xen known as "The Xeno Project" has begun. Noticeable changes to the planet thus far include regular gravity and a breathable atmosphere. After agreeing to work for the Gman, you are teleported onto a train, inbound to the Xeno Project control complex.

Your mission is to report to an underground test lab which has been set up for further experiments into portal technology. Everything seems to be going smoothly until the military decides to completely take over the operation. Once this happens, your goal will be to get the hell off the planet and escape back to earth…..good luck….you’ll need it.

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The Xeno Project The Xeno Project The Xeno Project The Xeno Project The Xeno Project The Xeno Project
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