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Portal 2: Abyss

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Portal 2: Abyss

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Uploaded by : NitrO
Created : 02/04/2014 12:28:40 PM
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Version : TBD
Developer / (s) : Team Abyss
Developer's site :

Available following translations : | english | russian |



Hi everyone, I am working on a Streaming page. I will try to stream my progress every Monday around 5:00 PM UTC -5:00 ( Eastern Usa/Canada Time) You will be able to see me progressing on the mod once a week, I will not be speaking because I do not live alone and hearing everyone around me will be very annoying for you. But I will be answering question in the chat. Feel free to give me any ideas if you want and maybe they will be added to the final product.

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1. ( 5.7 Mb )
Abyss Abyss Abyss Abyss Abyss Abyss
Установка модификаций для Half-Life 2
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    MP5 SD2+M203(custom animation)
    Half-LifeMP5 SD2+M203(custom animation)
    XM214 Microgun
    Team FortressXM214 Microgun
    Suomi M-1931
    Counter-Strike Global OffensiveSuomi M-1931
    PAW-20 «Neopup»
    Counter-Strike Global OffensivePAW-20 «Neopup»

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