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Hopeless Night


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Uploaded by : NitrO
Created : 04/22/2018 12:40:13 PM
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Version : 1.2.3
Developer / (s) : Monty_RUS
Date : 08/25/2014

Available following translations : | russian |

You play as a nameless hero who gets into a car accident and wakes up in a hospital where there is none of the patients or doctors. Soon you will find that the hospital is full of zombies. Your task is to get home, but on the way you will realize that the zombies isn't the worst problem on your way to salvation...


  • This modification is completely linear. It is impossible to miss anything important. Nevertheless, the player will get into the part of the level that he can safely explore. And it is very encouraged, as the player can find additional healthkits, items, ammo.
  • The protagonist will always comment on his actions. Here are some examples: if he has found the key, if the key opened a door, if he's investigating if the key is needed to unlock the door. If the door is locked and the hero does not say anything, he can not open it. If you, as the player, see the protagonist's comments, you will need to follow these comments to find the solution. The protagonist can comment unimportant things for walkthrough as well.
  • Often it will be wiser to get away from the hordes of zombies, than trying to fight them. Especially because ammo for weapons will be sorely missed. Sometimes you can try to build barricades to detain the walking dead, but they will not last long.
Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod


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Hopeless Night Hopeless Night Hopeless Night Hopeless Night Hopeless Night Hopeless Night Hopeless Night Hopeless Night Hopeless Night Hopeless Night Hopeless Night Hopeless Night
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