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Account ban and incorrect Steam Tech Support behavior

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Account ban and incorrect Steam Tech Support behavior

Account ban and incorrect Steam Tech Support behavior

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Created : 04/14/2013 3:30:18 PM
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This petition affects all Steam users, who are using official Steam Trading System to trade game gifts and ingame items of Team Fortress 2 and DoTA2.

Please, be aware: using Steam Trading System is NOT safe. Sooner or later, your account will be banned.

When Account ban occurs, several account restrictions will apply:

  • YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE to buy new game or game gifts;

  • YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE to activate new retail game cd-keys and gifts from your inventory;

  • YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE to trade game gifts or game items from Team Fortress 2 / DoTA2;

  • YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE to give and accept a gift from your friends;

  • YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE to use any amount of your money on Steam Wallet you have at the moment of the ban applied;

  • YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE to use Steam Shop and Steam Market.

After that, you will just be able ONLY to run games from your library. All your money spent on game gifts and game items from Team Fortress 2 / DoTA2 will be just WASTED.

This petition is to stop incorrect (and sometimes completely illogical) behavior of Steam’s Tech Support as to stop VALVE’s inactivity to help its users.

There are circumstances to be met to ban your Steam Account:

  1. Some unfair Steam users buy game gifts and game items using carding techniques (stolen or scammed cards), then sell it to other users or make trades on lowered prices. When credit card holder restores his card, he is cancelling all transactions, that was made when his CC was in possession. Steam pulls back all items, which were bought using that card - so all users, who bought anything from that unfair person, losing all - games and money from inventory or library. Also, Steam Tech Support will apply ban to ALL accounts, who bought those games - even user had not any idea about that those games comes from illegal way.

Official reason of Account ban Applying: Use of stolen/scammed credit cards and alternate account to transfer games to their main account.

  1. Some unfair Steam users are stealing accounts. The main aim here - as soon as possible sell/trade all games and items from inventory, often on lowered prices. When stolen account retrieved, its holder asks Steam Tech Support to reclaim all his inventory, and then all users, who bought/received games from stolen account found those games absent one day. As a bonus Steam Tech Support will ban ALL accounts, who received all those games or items, even if user did not know, that those games are stolen.

Official reason of Account ban Applying: User stole/hijack an account and used it to transfer gifts and items to his main account

  1. Steam users make trades of games and items with users from another regions.

Official reason of Account ban Applying: Trading (selling) games with users from another regions, where prices of those games are higher, than in this region.

Please note, that any method to find out price of this game in region of your partner in trading is not available.

Why users are using Steam Trading System?

  1. You can get an item you want from Team Fortress 2 / DoTA2;

  2. You can save money (for example, while buying games on sale for further trade);

  3. You can get game, which is unavailable in your region;

  4. For users in Russia and CIS - availability to get games without regional restrictions.

In Steam there are differences in games from region to region. Some games are cheaper in one region, but more expensive in another and so on. It is user’s own decision whether and what to trade. Steam has its own Trading System, so users could use it.

Technical Support issues:

Here’s an ordinal situation of interaction between user and Steam’s Tech Support:

After user’s account had been banned, he contacts Steam’s Tech Support. Within a time period minimal of 5-7 (!) days Tech Support replies, that this user has violated Steam Subscriber Agreement - use stolen/scammed credit cards, stolen accounts, or traded games to another regions with commercial purpose (e.g. to make profit). If issue is just trade - then user’s account will be unbanned for the first time, as a gesture of good will of Steam. And official reason of using stolen credit cards or account throws user in natural hell of looong mailing back and forth with Steam’s Tech Support to prove user’s innocence. Don’t forget the time periods - it’s minimal of 4-5 days. If you are lucky enough (sic!), you will reclaim your account, temporarily banned for a time period from two weeks. For the next violation your account will be banned forever.

However, user could not find out if gift or item he receives/buys is stolen. All statements and evidence, that user did not trade/sell games with commercial purpose and did not steal any accounts, will get (after 5-7 days, of course) standard reply. All requests to show exact paragraph which was violated, user will get the same standard reply (5-7 days, remember?). What is standard reply? It’s simple: Unfortunately, we will be unable to assist you further with this issue. Further any tickets and forum topics are closed by Tech Support. Any other try to get any non-standard reply will end up to ban your account for spam.

Typical messaging thread of Steam Tech Support with user can be found here:

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NitrO 04/14/2013, 6:55:21 PM is writing :
Я в шоке. Как теперь меняться?! Да что тут говорить при покупки предметиков через торговую площадку сообщества можно тоже получить бан, ведь там тоже могут быть выставлены краденые предметы. Какой то беспридел(((
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