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Resident Evil: Remake mods

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Miscellaneous - 2 (0)

Fan translations, patches, etc for Resident Evil: Remastered HD

Models and Reskins

Models and Reskins - 14 (0)

Weapons and characters models and reskins for Reisdent Evil: Remastered HD

Other Modifications

Other Modifications - 2 (0)

Graphic enhancements and content packs for Resident Evil: Remastered HD

    RE Revelations Hunter
    Resident Evil HD RemasterRE Revelations Hunter
    Sherry Birkin (Asia) Over Jill BSAA
    Resident Evil HD RemasterSherry Birkin (Asia) Over Jill BSAA
    Leon RE4 Jacker Over Chris (2 ver.)
    Resident Evil HD RemasterLeon RE4 Jacker Over Chris (2 ver.)
    RE 1996 Voice Acting Mod
    Resident Evil HD RemasterRE 1996 Voice Acting Mod