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The Rainbow Six Mimic Pack

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Rainbow six pack

The Rainbow Six Mimic Pack

Author / s of the pack : Expert , VertThrasher , H4wk , Stoke , Wannabe , Twinke Masta , Thanez , Ank+Cj , !NC!Furious , Unbreakable , The_Lama , Acid Snake , Pete , MoonSpoon , DarkStorn , The_Tub , Fallschirmjager
Views : 2825 ( +1 )
Downloads : 159
Uploader : NitrO
Created : 07/10/2018 12:16:27 PM
Rating :
 ( 3 ) 
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Following translations are available : | russian |

©SeeMurders Rainbow Six 3(Xbox)/Vegas/Raven Shield Pack!:Skins: Expert VertThrasher H4wk (quagmire) Stoke Wannabe Twinke Masta Thanez Ank+Cj !NC!FuriousUnbreakable The_Lama Acid Snake Pete Mullet MoonSpoon DarkStorn Models: Stoke Wannabe The_TubTwinke Masta Unbreakable Mullet Fallschirmjager DarkStorn Animations : Jen!! Xero Mullet Sober Sounds: Valve Mullet™ xLong Way Homex iFlip Original Compiles: TMP - Xero G3A3 - Mullet AK47 - !NC!Furious/Unbreakable M4a1 - Kimono Mac10 - Soul Slayer Mp5d5 - Bullet-Head UMP45 - Sober P90 - Kimono/Unbreakable G36c - Unbreakable M16a4 - Sober Compile/Hacks/Scripting/World Models©SeeMurder

I spent ALOT of time and work on this project.I know I usually don't do this but, this submission is NOT to be TOUCHED without my permission, and it is NOT to be released ANYWHERE else by ANYONE else other then ME. Thank you for your respect and Now go kick some ass!

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1. ( 43.6 Mb )
Rainbow six pack Rainbow six pack Rainbow six pack
Установка моделей оружия для игр, на движке Source
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