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The GateThe Gate

Тотальная конверсия на тему секретных исследований в гитлеровской Германии....


Мод, вдохновленный Brutal Doom. Время мочилова!...


A bomb-defuse map based high in the mountains.

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A bomb-defuse map based high in the mountains.

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Uploaded by : NitrO
Created : 01/15/2014 1:03:08 PM
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A bomb-defuse map based high in the mountains.

Counter-Terrorist motivation: Today we are send on a special mission by the government. We think it has something to do about terrorists getting their hands on leaked information about reopening the abandoned factor. It was closed in the late 80s because some experiments went terribly wrong. We don’t know what is happening there at the moment. All we were told is what is happening there needs to stay there.

Terrorist motivation: It is time. The leader won’t say why we have to go on this specific assignment, but rumors are spread that the abandoned factory won’t be abandoned for long. There are aliens there. They must be destroyed before the government or whoever use the aliens for the wrong reasons. You never know… Experiments, extracting poison, trying to make superhumans maybe… Dangerous business, that’s for sure.


map and custom content by catfood

audio by hunsrus

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