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Мод для CS/HL, включающий в себя элементы 3D Action и MMORPG...

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Карта под Half-Life 2: Episode One с геймплеем минут на 5-10. Значит, приснился мне однажды сон. Во сне я  ......



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Above the Catacombs


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Uploaded by : NitrO
Created : 07/20/2015 2:44:14 PM
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Version : Alpha 0.73 (TBD)

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A Half-Life 2: Episode Two modification based four decades after the Seven Hour War. Above the Catacombs is set on the day after total female extinction. Mankind is on the brink of vanishing from the face of the Earth due to the mass infertility caused by the suppression field. What is left of the urban centers that were initially formed shortly after the Combine Empire's complete domination of the planet are littered apartments, shuffling figures on the streets and the absence of hope. The air seems to have a wrenching stench. You play as an average middle-aged citizen on the day of their relocation to a distant city.


Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod


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Above the Catacombs Above the Catacombs Above the Catacombs Above the Catacombs Above the Catacombs Above the Catacombs Above the Catacombs
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    HEV Suit v2.0
    Half-Life 2HEV Suit v2.0
    Saab Bofors AT4
    Half-Life 2Saab Bofors AT4
    Combine S-LAR
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    Half-Life 2Brutal Doom-Esque Plasma Gun

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