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является командным шутером от первого лица

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Firearms: Source

является командным шутером от первого лица

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Uploaded by : NitrO
Created : 04/24/2013 5:23:00 PM
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Version : 1.0f
Developer / (s) : Venom Game Labs, LLC
Date : 07/22/2010

Available following translations : | russian |

Firearms: Source is a team based first person shooter, rooted in the traditions of the Firearms mod for Half-Life. Firearms: Source brings the best aspects of Firearms to the Source engine, and then takes them a step further. You’ll see a host of familiar weapons and maps, but you’ll find the streamlined game play to be faster, focusing on aggressive, skilled play. From nearly the moment you spawn you can expect to be engaged in furious action.



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Firearms: Source Firearms: Source Firearms: Source Firearms: Source Firearms: Source Firearms: Source Firearms: Source Firearms: Source Firearms: Source
Установка модификаций для Half-Life 2
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