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First Person Shooter

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Modular Combat

First Person Shooter

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Uploaded by : NitrO
Created : 08/12/2014 11:25:05 AM
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Version : 2.0.6
Developer / (s) : Mod Fidelity
Date : 06/18/2008

Available following translations : | english |

Modular Combat is a role-playing shooter based in the Half-Life universe.

The Resistance, Combine, and Aperture Science are testing the HEV Mark VI Combat System. Combatants face off against each other, and monsters, in the Controlled Combat Testing Facility, which is monitored by a super-computer known as BoSS.

There are over 50 modules that can be upgraded at any level, in any combination. Modules give combatants amazing abilities such as flying, teleporting, spawning minions, and shooting flechettes or energy balls. Basically, if you want to kill something in a special way…

We have a module for that.

Half-Life 2 mod

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1. ( 82.4 Mb )
Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat Modular Combat
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