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The city has no hero and morale is low. The fate of City 17 now rests on the resistance fighters.

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Triage - new single mod for Half-Life 2

The city has no hero and morale is low. The fate of City 17 now rests on the resistance fighters.

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Uploaded by : SlaY_61
Created : 01/16/2013 1:21:52 PM
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Tags : Triage, HL2, Mod, half-life, mod, модификация, modification

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Triage - new single mod for Half-Life 2.

Triage is an expansion to Half-Life 2’s single player experience. New weapons, upgraded AI, large scale firefights and a mature story are only a few things to look forward to in this mod.

The mod takes place after Gordon Freeman’s teleporter malfunction in Nova Prospekt, causing him to disappear for a week. Triage tells the story about the turn of events allowing the resistance to regain control of City 17 in his absence.

Features include:

  • A whole new high quality campaign, with new characters, locations and a storyline set within the HL2 universe.

  • Completely rebalanced explosive and tactical combat

  • Tougher, smarter NPCs who take cover and use advanced tactics such as bounding overwatch and suppressive fire.

  • Updated graphics and audio for a more realistic cinematic experience


The storry:

Following the destruction of Nova Prospekt, Gordon Freeman has abruptly disappeared and is presumed dead.

The city has no hero and morale is low. The fate of City 17 now rests on the resistance fighters.

You are Matthew, a citizen who lost his family and home during the invasion. After barely escaping with your life when the police raid your apartment, you are recruited into the resistance and must prove yourself on the wartorn streets of City 17.

Triage shows the darker, grittier side of the conflict between the combine and the resistance from the perspective of a common citizen. Witness the horrors of the combine-human war and the devastating toll it takes on both sides.








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Vadlo 01/18/2013, 7:04:08 AM is writing :
Ого, здесь полностью прохождение мода на видео, я думал только трейлер...
SlaY_61 01/19/2013, 5:08:56 PM is writing :
ну не полное, а всего 20 минут )
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