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Resident Evil 4 Weapon Pack (on the model of CS).

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RE4 Miscellaneous Weapon Pack (on CS model)

Resident Evil 4 Weapon Pack (on the model of CS).

Author/s of the model : Recycler , Codename Muscled
Views : 5831 ( +1 )
Downloads : 1199
Uploader : Zhе_НоLTi
Created : 10/30/2016 12:10:31 PM
Rating :
 ( 5 ) 
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Tags : Resident evil 4, weapon, pack, models, replace, reskin, retexture, mod, modification, handgun, Handcannon, punisher, ada wong, separate ways, Leon Scott Kennedy, Semi-auto Rifle, Killer 7, shotgun, FN P90, USP Match, heckler & koch, HK MP7A1, HK, Glock-18, Colt Anaconda, Custom, TMP, Hunk, Taurus Raging Bull .44, Remington M870, desert eagle, Sig Sauer P228, Broken Butterfly, AK-74, Blacktail, Thompson, chicago typewriter

Following translations are available : | english | russian |


Big weapon Pack for Resident Evil 4 (based on the model of CS).

Weapon list:

AK-74 Black Plastic ---  Thompson
Anaconda 50 (modified Colt Anaconda) ---  Handcannon 
ARM ---   Semi-automatic rifle 
Taurus Raging Bull .44 ---  Broken Butterfly 
C3A1 ---  Bolt-action rifle 
Desert Eagle ---  Killer7
Glock-18 ---  Blacktail
HK MP7 ---  TMP
FN P90 ---  Custom TMP (Hunk) 
Remington M870 --- Shotgun
Sig Sauer P228 track ---  Punisher 
SPAS-12 ---  Rilot pistol and a shotgun in the "Separate Ways" 
HK USP Compact ---  Handgun

Known bugs: 

Wrong overload FN P90.


Installation: …Program Files/CAPCOM/Resident Evil 4/.

P.S. Don't forget to make a backup of replaced files!

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1. ( 30.1 Mb )
RE4 Miscellaneous Weapon Pack (on CS model) RE4 Miscellaneous Weapon Pack (on CS model)
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