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Ultimate AttackUltimate Attack

Мод о судьбе оперативника Black Ops...

The Citizen ReturnsThe Citizen Returns

First Person Shooter...

Stat ( map sources ), pcs.


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Created : 12/30/2018 2:22:35 PM
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1. ( 2.8 Mb )
sadg65333342 04/09/2022, 5:51:17 PM commented :
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    Mauser Kar-98 [Rifle de Madeira]
    Resident Evil 4Mauser Kar-98 [Rifle de Madeira]
    Rifle Tactico-G36 RE6 [Chicago Typewriter]
    Resident Evil 4Rifle Tactico-G36 RE6 [Chicago Typewriter]
    Barret M82 Riggi [Rifle Semi-Altomático]
    Resident Evil 4Barret M82 Riggi [Rifle Semi-Altomático]
    Bear Commander [Chicago Typewriter]
    Resident Evil 4Bear Commander [Chicago Typewriter]