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Escape from the DarknessEscape from the Darkness

Мод о побеге из Чёрной Мезы учёного по имени Алекс Джонс....

Mentality Alpha Demo v.0.1Mentality Alpha Demo v.0.1

Шутер от первого лица...


Ремейк мода на первую часть HL

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The Island

Ремейк мода на первую часть HL

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Uploaded by : Zhe_HoLTi
Created : 01/07/2011 5:27:50 PM
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Developer / (s) : -Stalk3r-
Date : 01/15/2006
Count of maps : 8
Developer's site :

Available following translations : | english | russian |

The island is a singleplayer, first person shooter mod. There are no puzzles here, just pure, intense action. And who are your enemies? An army made up solely of zombies, particularly fast zombies, and their headcrabs. Where is this taking place? Any random island; the location is irrelevant.

This mod will be best suited to skilled action-oriented gamers. The mod is eight maps in length and includes many of the Source engine's advanced features and effects.

Work on The Island is complete and the mod is currently available for download. I would just like to apologise for the release date being two months later than originally planned.

Man made hell :-)

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The Island The Island The Island The Island The Island The Island
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