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Half-Life: GladiatorHalf-Life: Gladiator

Gladiator mod - сетевая модификация от третьего лица, переносящая игроков в Древний Рим на гладиаторские бои....

Transmissions - Element 120Transmissions - Element 120

First Person Shooter...


Maps for UT2004 and mods

overall : 0 / 160

Assault - 12 (0)

It is an objective-oriented gametype in which one team attacks the objectives (usually one at a time in a specific order) while another defends

Bombing Run

Bombing Run - 5 (0)

Each level has a ball that starts in the middle of the playing field. Your team scores by getting the ball through the enemy team's hoop

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag - 30 (0)

Your team must score flag captures by taking the enemy flag from the enemy base and returning it to their own flag


Deathmatch - 58 (0)

Gametype, in which the point is to either reach a certain number of frags (or kills), or to highest number of frags at the time limit for the match

Double Domination

Double Domination - 6 (0)

Your team scores by capturing and holding both Control Points for ten seconds

Map Packs

Map Packs - 11 (0)

Various Map Packs


Misc - 0 (0)

Miscellaneous Maps


Onslaught - 22 (0)

Vehicle-based game mode in which the objective is to capture a series of power nodes connecting your and your opponent's bases and destroy the power core located within their base

Vehicle Capture the Flag

Vehicle Capture the Flag - 16 (0)

The main goal is like in Capture the Flag to steal the flag from your enemy and protect your own. Additionally there are vehicles available, but no Translocator

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