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Weekday Warrior


Views : 3698 ( +1 )
Downloads : 69
Uploader : NitrO
Created : 01/03/2012 9:46:46 AM
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Developer / (s) : Cut Corner Company Productions
Release date : 06/7/2006
Number of maps : 5

Following translations are available : | english | russian |

Weekday Warrior is a Half-Life 2 total conversion mod made in the vein of old-school adventure game we all came to know and love. Weekday Warrior was designed from the ground up to have all the fun of classic adventure games with none of the frustration. Item collecting? We got it! Mini-games? Oh yeah! Talking to all sorts of crazy characters? You bet!

The game is a result of a six month project developed by the students at Guildhall at SMU. The team started development in January 2006 and finished June 6, 2006.

Half-Life 2 mod


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1. ( 128.2 Mb )
2. ( 108.9 Mb )
Weekday Warrior Weekday Warrior Weekday Warrior Weekday Warrior Weekday Warrior Weekday Warrior Weekday Warrior Weekday Warrior Weekday Warrior Weekday Warrior
Установка модификаций для Half-Life 2
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