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Half-Life (Alpha Version 0.52)Half-Life (Alpha Version 0.52)

Альфа версия Half-Life образца 1997 года...

Fortress ForeverFortress Forever

Ремейк классического сетевого мода Team Fortress для Half-Life...



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Uploaded by : NitrO
Created : 03/15/2015 1:53:56 PM
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Available following translations : | russian |

Note: This map is using the coaltown popfiles. I will create one later when I have more time.

Wharf is the first non minecraft map I’ve created for 3 years now. The idea was the robots came off a ship and attacked the buildings on land. The map is 1 week old as of writing this. I do plan on finishing the map at a later date.

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1. ( 9 Mb )
MVM_Wharf MVM_Wharf MVM_Wharf MVM_Wharf MVM_Wharf MVM_Wharf MVM_Wharf MVM_Wharf MVM_Wharf
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